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Dogs off leash

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Animal Control Officers patrol the neighborhoods to be a presence in the community. When an ACO sees a dog being walked without a leash or playing ball with its owner in one of the local parks/public spaces, the ACO will speak with the dog owner to remind them of the leash laws.

If the owner has no leash on hand to immediately secure the pet, the ACO will provide the owner with one from the vehicle, where a supply is kept for this very reason.

Animal Control Officers will also take the opportunity to educate any pet owner that utilizes an extendable flexi-leash of the dangers of such a leash and offer the pet owner a sturdier leash in exchange for the flexi-leash. These leashes are then cut and disposed of. This is an ongoing responsibility of an ACO and will be performed annually.

Updated 4/12/2021 11:44 AM
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