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Nuisance Wildlife

As a member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Wildlife Neighbor Community, Montclair Township Animal Control Officers promote methods of exclusion rather than trap/relocate for nuisance wildlife issues. The homeowner can solve most nuisance wildlife issues through prevention, exclusion and discouraging the wild animals from taking up residence in close proximity to humans.

A terrific online resource can be found here:

In the state of NJ, trapping and relocating wildlife is not only NOT recommended, it is ILLEGAL and it is ineffective. Exclusion (making the environment less tempting for wildlife) is the best long-term solution. 


Animal Control will assist in a situation where wildlife is in the living quarters of a home; garages, attics and basements are not considered living quarters.  If you have a wild animal or bird in the living quarters of your home, please call 862-621-9113 to speak with an Animal Control Officer. 


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