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Orphaned or Injured Animals

If you find an orphaned or injured animal it is best to contact Montclair Township Animal Control for guidance. Do not attempt to handle the animal or to give it food or water – you could be doing more harm than good. If you believe an animal may have been orphaned take the following steps:

Stop! Wait! Look! Wild babies often accompany their mothers to learn how to forage for food and other survival techniques. Mom may not be far behind so try not to interfere. Remember your first day of Kindergarten? Mom let you walk to the bus stop yourself but she was probably hiding behind trees to make sure that you were safe!

Observe and gather information.

What kind of animal is it?

Are there flies or blood present?

What is the animal’s condition – plump or skinny?

Is it moving? Making noises?

Take notes. Be patient and wait. Leave the area for a little while. Mom may not be far off. Give her a chance to retrieve her baby and give her space so she's not feel that you are a threat to her baby, which might result in an attack.

Return to the area after a reasonable amount of time has gone by and if you feel mom is not coming back, please contact Montclair Township Animal Control for guidance: 862-621-9113

Photos of the animal in question are helpful for Animal Control Officers to view before going to the location. 

Updated 7/12/2021 12:06 PM
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