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I have nuisance wildlife in my home/yard. What can I do?

Montclair Animal Control does not handle nuisance wildlife issues. As part of HSUS Wild Neighbors Program, we promote methods of exclusion rather than entrapment. 

HSUS's Wild Neighbors Program promotes methods of exclusion to the public rather than trapping.
Teaching an animal to live elsewhere, called hazing, makes the animal realize that an attic or under a shed or deck is an unsafe place to live and it will move away and not return. This is the most humane option for any wildlife involved.
Trapping an animal that is in an undesirable location on your property only initially removes that one animal, but that void will just allow another animal to take up residence there.
Your local Animal Control Officers will be able to provide information to help your situation.

In the state of NJ, trapping and relocating wildlife is not only not recommended, it is ILLEGAL and it is ineffective. Exclusion (making the environment less tempting for wildlife) is the best long-term solution. 

Updated 8/21/2022 10:18 AM
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