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Bat found in residence

What would you do if you’re sitting in your living room and a bat flies out of your fireplace and circles around the ceiling without touching anyone?? In that instance, it would be acceptable to open the doors/windows to allow it to escape.


If you woke up late at night and found a bat flying around your bedroom, then you need to call us ASAP so we can capture the bat and send it for testing.

Yes, the bat needs to be euthanized for the brain matter to be tested BUT rabies is fatal to any animal/human who does not receive treatment after being bitten by a rabid bat. We understand that everyone loves animals, but human lives take precedence. We also ensure all bats are sent for testing when in homes with young children or elderly.

Teeth of a bat are SO small that someone could be bitten while sleeping and not even know it.

If you have a bat in your home, call Animal Control at 862-621-9113 to speak to an Animal Control Officer for guidance. DO NOT LET THE BAT FLY OUT OR ATTEMPT TO CATCH THE BAT. All humans and pets should leave the room where the bat is, close the door, lay a towel at the bottom of the door and wait for Animal Control's response. 

Updated 8/22/2022 10:31 AM
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